Sunday, 26 June 2011

Nightmarket + Car + Estrella

Last night I went to the Richmond Night Market again.  I really love going because going there gives me the feeling of being in Hong Kong, with all the people and the crowds.  I love the feeling of a busy night life =)

Here was my outfit for the night ~

Romper: Liz Lisa
 I added on a round straw hat to add a summery touch to my outfit ^o^

Super busy food area! Took us more than 10 minutes to move from one side to the other!

Food was really delicious but very slow since the lineups were very long.  Overall, a very good experience with cheap food and nice ambience full of people and excitement ♥   

I also tried out a hairband yesterday since I saw it all over the Popteen magazines and wanted to try it myself ~ yay or nay?

By the way, I finally bought a new car.  After being in an accident last year, which totaled my car, I had to start saving up for a new one.  At first, it was hard getting used to taking the bus again, but now it's almost my second home on the bus haha xD Either way, I'm very happy to have a car again and now life would be a lot easier for me to teach piano, facetrade, whatnot ~

Here's my new baby:

Second hand Audi A4 ~ very lucky that I got this car at a very reasonable price
The front bumper needs to be fixed, however.  (Can you see the duct tape on the left side? xD) But I'm very happy I can drive again now ^o^

Also, my sister's boyfriend gave us one of his dogs yesterday.  She's a shih tzu and her name's Estrella! 4 years old and extremely loyal and a verrrry good girl

such a sleepyhead xD

awwwwwwwe ♥o
where are you going??? :D

Until next time! Thanks for reading ^o^ 

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