Sunday, 31 July 2011

My Canada Day Long Weekend -Part 2

I really should be writing my paper that's due tomorrow... but I really want to finish my Canada day weekend post.  Haha procrastination at its finest

I'll start off with Victoria's Chinatown.  It is a beautiful and historic looking place with a mix of Victorian and Chinese style.

And here's the famous Fan Tan Alley... the thinnest alley I've ever seen!

Looks a lot creepier with the gates half open xD

We came across this store there that had a lot of nude artwork and photography on display.  I didn't take any pictures of them, but they were very extravagant and unique. 

Saturday, 23 July 2011

My Canada Day Long Weekend - Part 1

Here's to an awfully delayed post on how I spent my Canada Day long weekend xD

On July 1st, I went to Victoria to celebrate Canada Day and stayed there for a night.  
It was a hectic morning since I decided to pack up everything in the morning of the trip! Haha always the procrastinator -- me.

Anyways, we managed to catch the 10am ferry.  Here's a few snapshots of the gorgeous scenery on the ferry.

The weather was truly beautiful on the day so it was the perfect day for travelling! =)

After we arrived in Victoria, we went to find a place for lunch since we didn't have breakfast in the morning.

We found an American style restaurant called Floyd's Diner.  I didn't manage to take a picture of the restaurant, but the ambience was beautiful -- a retro, Marilyn Monroe feel, which was perfect for a hot, sunny day xD

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Vampire Diaries

I was MIA and haven't posted lately due to this drama xD

It's simply too good to resist! I was watching one episode after another non-stop... each episode ended with an extreme cliff-hanger!!

I usually don't watch Western drama... I think the last one I watched was Heroes back in '08. I've been meaning to watch this one for ages.. but I somehow linked it with "Twilight" and kept putting it off for later.  To all Twilight fans out there, I don't mean to have any negative feelings about Twilight ~ it's just that the movies didn't work for me at all... well the first movie anyways.  After watching the first one, I didn't bother watching any of the other ones.  The acting wasn't good, and the storyline wasn't all that intriguing for me.  

This drama is AMAZING! I was totally captivated after watching the first episode.  It's not only about romance, but it's also filled with suspense, mystery and action.  It's also one of the most watched dramas in North America for women ranging from ages 18-34.