Friday, 19 August 2011

Gyoza King + Bon Crepe

A few days ago, I went out for dinner with my friend, Crystal ^o^

We went to Gyoza King on Robson St. for dinner...

Even though it was a Wednesday night, the restaurant was so busy and we had to wait for a table.  The food also took a long time to come out, but the wait was worth it! 

Pork & Veges Gyoza, Prawn Pork and Chives Gyoza, and Ebimayo (forgot to take a pic of the Yakitori skewers)
Garlic Butter Clams (My Favourite! xD)

Everything we ordered was soooo yummy, especially the Garlic Butter Clams ~

After dinner, we went to Bon Crepes for dessert.  Bon Crepes is a Japanese snack store that's a part of the Konbiniya Japan Center/ Japanese Convenience store on Robson.  Another popular place filled with customers.  Unfortunately, there was only one guy in charge of this snack store, so the poor guy was so busy preparing all the orders by himself.

Their Crepes Menu

It was my first time trying Japanese Crepes. With so many choices, it took me forever to decide which flavour to choose xD.  In the end, I chose the Pudding Whip Topping.

Don't judge a book by it's cover!!  Lo and behold....

There was Japanese Custard Pudding inside, which I loveeee! So glad I got this flavour ^o^
It was the perfect dessert and soooo delicious xD  The whip cream was sweet, but not too sweet - just perfect, and the crepes skin (not sure what it's called) was soft and fluffy, very different from French Crepes.

And of course... seeing that my favourite bottled drinks ~ Calpico ~ were on sale, I couldn't help but buy myself a bottle. ;)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Random Thoughts + Cos & Effect 2011

Haven't posted in a while now ~ been so busy with school and exams >3<
I've also been going through a few personal problems lately, but like my friends say:

when life gives you lemons...

Jason Wong: "Make hot lemon tea + cake and have a tea party ._. "

Leslie Chan: "squeeze themm... juicyyyyyy"

Geoffrey Thai: "...Complain that you wanted limes!"

Adam Chan: "
Squeeze them in life's eyes. Fuck life!"   <---- LIKE!

Kenneth Liu: "sell'em to someone else LOL"  

Bolin Shing: "who dare gives u lemon? shall eat my lightsaber" <--- awwww ^o^

Christina Kam: "Make lemonade! :D"

Victor He: "make lemon tarts =D"

Yuki Ng: "You give the lemons life.."

Colleen Chang: "cut them in half, and throw them at your enemies! bonus points if lemon juice gets into their eyes + if you get them in their mouth :D"

In the end, all these answers lead to one thing...  deal with it, and make the best of it.
I thought about a lot of things today... how life is a road everyone in existence must take.  It's a road full of choices and forks.  There are dead ends and roads that are blocked by fallen branches.  We can either sit there... lost and accept defeat... or turn around and try again.  It's a matter of picking myself up to continue.  Afterall, life goes on.  If the left fork brings me to a dead end, I can go back and take the right fork.  

Anyways, enough of my rant.  Hopefully, I made the right decisions.  Although the roads right now are rough, with lots of steep hills and rocky roads... who knows what the future may bring?

I'll be posting more often now.  I always delayed my posts with the mindset that posts have to be long.  Now, I realized that some blog posts can consist of just 1 picture or a few sentences xD.  My goal is to post at least once a day, or once every other day, or once every three days...or four days... five days... just kidding xD

Well, I'll try my best! =)

Last weekend, I went to the Cos & Effect event at UBC.  Since I've been so busy with exams lately, I haven't had a chance to prepare a cosplaying costume, so I just went wearing my everyday clothes (which leans towards the gyaru style).  

I did pigtails for the first time, so please bear with me haha ~ I still need lots of practice xD

Me and Yuki. He's got an awesome hairstyle xD

I also finally got to meet Sharon and Helena in person  

They always look so glamorous and pretty in their blogs, but they are even more gorgeous in person! (♥ o ♥)

Best Sailor Moon there that day IMO xD
This pic always makes me LOL so hard ... photobombed!

Viki the hairstylist! Can't wait for the hair tutorial that she's hosting tomorrow! =)

Thanks to Jason for bringing me to Cos&Effect this year!
Playing with camera...while waiting for the lolita fashion show!
Our group! =)

I look so happy here! xD
playing with camera still... my hair looks so messy @@
I love how this picture was taken!
Sexy Pirates: Anne and Mike
Models in the lolita fashion show!

I had a lot of fun that day! Met a lot of people and took so many pictures =)
I'm usually very camera shy, so I believe I took the most pictures in my life on that one day!
I will definitely go again next year ^o^

Monday, 1 August 2011

Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Review

Ever since Tsubasa Masuwaka x GEO released the new Princess Mimi/ Bambi series, I couldn't wait to get my hands on them xD

Chocolate Brown
Chocolate Brown