Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Vancouver Riot

So finally I'll be writing my delayed post about the final hockey game last Wednesday ^o^
I went to downtown on the day to catch the game. 

Wearing my Vancouver x Luongo Tee!

Wearing GREEN circle lenses to support the Canucks!

We got to downtown quite late though, so every single pub/ bar we could think of was full and wasn't accepting anymore incomers.  Luckily, we found a small restaurant near the hair salon that I go to (Chura Hairsalon) that still had some spots left.  

Called Scoozis, a Mediterranean Bar & Grill, the waiters and waitresses were very friendly and the best part was that they had several TVs to watch the game xD

We ordered the 12" House Special Pizza for starters, which was super delicious although expensive xD

And of course we're watching the game =)

We lost in the end =( ....  Although it was a disappointing game, it's still good to see that we made it to the finals and to the very last game =)

Now comes the highlight of the day....the Vancouver Riot.   

We decided to stay in downtown to see how the people will react to the lost game... and we were quite surprised.  Although this happened 17 years ago, it's very disappointing to see it happening in such a grand scale once again.  I try not to be too opionated on this matter, but I was truly shocked to see how my "fellow Canadians" acted that night.

Smoke coming out of Canada Post

Random Hyundai being burned

Canadian RCMP

It was a disappointing game, but it doesn't mean that we can wreck our own city, as well as the "beautiful Vancouver" image.  What these people did, and most were actually "bandwagoners", became worldwide news that we wreaked havoc because we lost a hockey game.  It just made us look even more like sore losers.  Real Canucks fans don't riot.  These people who burned cars, hurt random strangers, smashed all the windows along downtown, and looted a huge amount of items from various stores (including Coach bags and they were stupid enough to post these bags on Craigslist the next day) ... did completely senseless and pointless things that just made Canuck's loss even worse.  I noticed several brave peacemakers that night who tried to stop these rioters, but several ended up getting badly injured.

On the bright side, many volunteers helped clean up downtown overnight.  My friends noted that on the next morning when they were heading to work, downtown was all swept clean and many windows were fixed.  It's very comforting to hear that Vancouver still has it's heartwarming, good side.

Well, that's all for now.  I'll be posting up new product reviews very soon.  Stay tuned for those =)

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