Saturday, 2 April 2011

My First Blog Post!

Now how should I start my first post? ~
I often wonder why it's so difficult to start writing something... like an essay or a paper...
I would stare into space and think and think... but still don't know how to start writing.
To me, that's probably the hardest part in writing something.  But once I get started, everything rushes into my head and it becomes much easier... ~

So here it is.  My very first blog post.  I've always wanted to start a blog, but never had a chance to.  Recently, I've been following a few blogs such as Ekimura's... (she's gorgeous! =P) and a few other ones that inspired me to start too.  I'll treat it as an online journal...just something to spend some spare time on ^o^ ~

Anyways, today was like any other day.  Started off my day with Japanese class.  I got my oral test back... and despite the teacher repeating over and over again that everyone did horribly... I actually did much better than i thought xD.  At least now that mark will balance off my writing composition test mark haha ~

After that, I had English literature class, and then headed home after to get ready for my student club's (CSA's) formal dinner.   

After getting ready...

Circle Lenses: EOS Jewel Series in Brown

And this was what I wore to the dinner... 

Dress: Snidel, Shoes: DreamV

By the way, this was my first time wearing these circle lenses: EOS Jewel Series in Brown.  I was a bit skeptical at first because I usually wear 14.0mm circle lenses and this was my first time wearing 14.5mm ones.  But they were very comfortable and they were so pretty!  I wore them for 8+ hours and they didn't feel dry at all =)

Here's some model pictures of the EOS Jewel Series (G-208).  There are 5 colors in total, and I purchased the brown one ^^ ~

For dinner, we went to The Helm Restaurant on Howe St., beside the Holiday Inn.  The ambiance was really nice.  Lighting was dark, with dim lights and candles (very romantic and mesmerizing!).  Decorations were really nice too.  After taking pictures together, we sat down and waited for our meal to start.  It was a set menu for us last night.  We started off with a delicious creamy soup, which unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of.  We then moved on to an entree: ravioli with a creamy sauce.

For the main course, we had a choice between beef and fish, which I chose beef (of course!)

Braised Bison Shortribs with Potato Rosti and Lamb Bacon Braised Cabbage

For dessert, we had a chocolate brownie topped with peanut butter and banana...

It was a tad bit too sweet for me (which is unusual haha xD), so I didn't end up finishing it.  But I really enjoyed it nonetheless.  Service was really good.  The waiters and waitresses were super friendly and constantly added water for us.  There's a bar there as well, and the drinks were pretty good.  The blasting music added a touch of excitement and energy to the dinner.  Overall, I'll give it a 8/10.  The only thing I didn't like about it was that the food came out very slowly.  The whole dinner took 3+ hours.  Other than that, I'll still recommend this restaurant.  Delicious food and good service! 

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