Saturday, 2 April 2011

Drama I'm Watching + Wishlist

Just felt like posting a random blog about this drama that I'm currently watching.  It's called "My Princess," starring Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee.  After seeing it on the #1 spot of the top 25 dramas list on for months and hearing so many people talking about it (I see people watching it during class too), I decided to give it a try....and I loved it!

It's about this girl who discovers that she's a princess one day, and her life gets turned upside down.  Although the story's a bit typical, I don't mind indulging myself in a fairy tale once a while, especially when it's filled with good looking actors and actresses =P.  Kim Tae Hee, acting as Lee Seol, is such a great actress!  She portrays her role's feelings sooo realistically that I can almost feel her emotions as well!  Song Seung Hung is a pretty good actor too and he's....

HOT! Enough said haha xD. I'm currently on the 11th episode... and I forgot what episode he appeared half naked in, but I'm sure fangirls out there must have been screaming when he appeared like this lol =). 

Anyways, I also wanted to post a few items that I have on my wishlist at the moment.

Liz Lisa Spring 2011 Collection

This Liz Lisa romper totally caught my eye.  It's such a cute design and looks perfect for the summer xD.  

And this white Liz Lisa dress seen in either the March or April Popteen issue (I forgot xD)

The one in the middle

The lace details and the sleeves are so kawaii! *o* ♥

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