Thursday, 26 May 2011

Stanley Cup Finals + 49 days

Congratulations to the Canucks for making it to the Stanley Cup finals!! The last time we played in the finals was back in 1994 against the New York Rangers.  Although we didn't win the cup, we were very very close.  I think the most memorable scene back then was when Trevor Linden lifted the cup and the lid came off xD

This time, I hope we can make it to victory! Our opponent still hasn't been decided yet, as their series are 3-3 right now, and the deciding game will be this Friday.  Boston or Tampa Bay... I wonder who's going to win =)

Anyways, I recently finished watching this realllly good drama called 49 days ~

 Here's a short summary from Dramawiki ~

Shin Ji Hyun was enjoying absolute bliss as she was about to marry her fiancĂ©, Kang Min Ho, but her perfect life is shattered when she gets into a car accident that leaves her in a coma. She is given a second chance at life by a reaper, but it comes with a condition: she has to find three people outside of her family who would cry genuine tears for her. In order to do this, she borrows the body of Yi Kyung, a part-time employee at a convenience store for 49 days.... 

At first, I was a bit skeptical after reading the summary since the idea of borrowing a body didn't seem interesting to me.  It also seemed like another one of those poor girl gets lucky dramas ^_^"  

BUT this was nothing like it!!

This drama kept me up with no sleeping for the past few days! That's how good it was xD
There were so many funny moments, as well as tear jerking moments ~
The actors and actresses were all very gorgeous and their acting was excellent!
One thing that I really liked about this drama was how everything intertwined and connected to each other. 

Han Kang and Song Yi Kyung (the convenience store girl)
One of the main characters: Han Kang (my favourite! ♥o)

Ji Jyun ~ She's sooooo pretty and cute

Ji Hyun and the "Scheduler"
Main Actress: Song Yi Kyung ~ Very Touching Performance!!
Bae Soo Bin as Min Ho ~ He's been in many other famous dramas like Shining Ineritance and Dong Yi

This drama made me think what I would do if I only had 49 days left to live.  We should all value each day and live it to the fullest because life is short, but yet there's so much to experience in life.

Overall, a very touching and meaningful drama!  Hurry and  go watch it if you haven't already ;)

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