Friday, 19 August 2011

Gyoza King + Bon Crepe

A few days ago, I went out for dinner with my friend, Crystal ^o^

We went to Gyoza King on Robson St. for dinner...

Even though it was a Wednesday night, the restaurant was so busy and we had to wait for a table.  The food also took a long time to come out, but the wait was worth it! 

Pork & Veges Gyoza, Prawn Pork and Chives Gyoza, and Ebimayo (forgot to take a pic of the Yakitori skewers)
Garlic Butter Clams (My Favourite! xD)

Everything we ordered was soooo yummy, especially the Garlic Butter Clams ~

After dinner, we went to Bon Crepes for dessert.  Bon Crepes is a Japanese snack store that's a part of the Konbiniya Japan Center/ Japanese Convenience store on Robson.  Another popular place filled with customers.  Unfortunately, there was only one guy in charge of this snack store, so the poor guy was so busy preparing all the orders by himself.

Their Crepes Menu

It was my first time trying Japanese Crepes. With so many choices, it took me forever to decide which flavour to choose xD.  In the end, I chose the Pudding Whip Topping.

Don't judge a book by it's cover!!  Lo and behold....

There was Japanese Custard Pudding inside, which I loveeee! So glad I got this flavour ^o^
It was the perfect dessert and soooo delicious xD  The whip cream was sweet, but not too sweet - just perfect, and the crepes skin (not sure what it's called) was soft and fluffy, very different from French Crepes.

And of course... seeing that my favourite bottled drinks ~ Calpico ~ were on sale, I couldn't help but buy myself a bottle. ;)

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